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Returning after work on the east coast and Navy orders

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I have been inactive in forums for a few years. Got caught up in work travel and Navy Reserve stuff. But I'm retirement bound now and have more time. I look forward to hearing what's going on instead of spending all of my time running from here to there!!! What I have definitely been keeping up with is the reaction to the numerous shootings of police and civilians. In the states where they like guns they use it as an opportunity to make sure gun rights are improved. To keep us safe. And in states where they don't like guns they use it as an opportunity to make sure gun rights are decreased. To keep us safe... Fortunately my perspective is that the trend for Concealed Carry has been general improvement over the past few years. I wish I could say that for all gun issues though. And it is definitely not positive here in California. Simply said - Yuch.

Non-resident CCW course near your home. Permit mailed to you. Good in 30+ states.
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from Central Florida!

Thanks for your service...:usa:

RET :31:
Hi from Tennessee!
Thank you for your service. I grew up in Lancaster, CA.
Welcome to Defensive Carry :wave: The best forum for sharing ideas and experience.

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I am from Kansas.
Welcome from Wisconsin!
Hello! Welcome from South East Kansas! :smile:
Welcome from the Florida Spacecoast
Welcome from the free part of the state of Illinois. You still need a CCL here but at least LEO's are in favor of us. Thank you for your service. :usa:
Welcome to the forum!!
Welcome from Kentucky and thanks for your service

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Welcome from Mississippi!
Welcome and thanks for your service!
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