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Ive had this Holster almost 2 months now and must say i love it.

Has to be one of the most comfortable holsters ive come across Ive been carrying the Springfield Loaded 5" With a magwell. Befor i found the cozy partner i couldnt really find a comfy way to carry my 1911 and had stopped carrying it.

Now with the cozy partner i dont really notice its there except for the weight no rubbing digging in or anything else that becomes uncomfortable. Just wish mag Carriers would be like that Also got a matching Mag carrier thats works nicely.

Soft feeling leather
Very comfortable to wear
Snaps only come losse on ay impossible to accidently come loose takes some effort to get it off when you want too.
Molded very well to gun
Tension screw to adjust draw tension.

Unable to reholster one handed. Desantis says its reenforced for one hand holstering but dont bet on it .. I have 3 friends have same holster and they say same thing.

Other con So dang comfortable you only want to carry the gun that you have a cozy partner for ill be getting a couple more just with the Hk usp fullsize was on the list they make them for.
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