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Review: HBE IWB COMM2 for CZ P-01 and belt

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Today I received my HBE package. It has been almost two months since I ordered this holster and belt. Eric, from HBE, originally sent me the belt and holster a couple weeks ago. It took longer than expected because his shop had flooded and he went a while without power he also go married in that time. When the holster and belt got here I found that the holster was the wrong one. I called Eric and he was very apologetic and wanted to make it right. He did. He promptly made the correct holster for my P-01 and sent it out.

That brings us to today. I got to play with the holster a bit at lunch and I have worn the belt the rest of the day. I really really like both.

First I will start with the belt. It is two pieces of 6-7 oz. cow hide stacked and sewn together with a brass buckle. This is a good stiff belt that is excellent for handguns. It is 1 1/2" wide and to the middle hole it is 38" long. There are 4 holes on each side spaced 3/4" apart. I opted for the brownish color as my second choice. At first I wanted a more reddish tint but then I didn't many my wife saying,"That belt doesn't go with that shirt." Now she can't. The stitching on this thing is perfect. All perfectly even and no loose threads at all.

Next is the holster. It is an IWB Comm2 with a bit of a cant. Exactly what I wanted. The first holster Eric sent me was the same thing only for a makarov. Both holsters are equally superb quality. One difference is that the loops on the first holster had snaps on it. The second holster doesn't. That may be an option I did know of or didn't think about. Either way. This holster is also the brownish color to match my belt. Again as with the belt, the stitching is perfect with no loose threads and all even. The pistol fits in the holster like a glove that was custom made specifically for your hand. It is a little tight but with some needed break in it will be perfect.

The end product was great and while it did take a while (that was due to things beyond anyones control) Eric was still great to work with. He will get my business again.

So now, here are the pictures of the gun, holster and belt.

Here is the gun in the holster.

Here is the gun in the holster on the belt.

Here is the back of the holster.

Here is a closeup of the stitching on the holster.

And same on the belt.

Here is me with the holster on. Can't see until I show you I am wearing it huh?

And a closer look.

If you have any questions just let me know.

note: this review is a few months old. I copy and pasted it to this forum so the info can be spread around.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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