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Review: High Noon Holsters Mister Softy IWB

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The Holster

When I got home this morning I had to try out my new holster and my mag carrier. Needless to say I am once again impressed! The PT-145 Pro fit the Mister Softy like a glove. Once the retention screw was tweaked to my liking, I put on the holster. I had it IWB at about the 4:00 postition. This holster does not move from where it is originally placed, if you need to adjust the position, you literally have to remove it and put back on! This is great! Retention is excellent, and the footprint on this holster and the 145 Pro is minimal and conceals very nicely. I could hardly even tell my gun was there (although it wasn't loaded of course). Drawing the gun from this holster was smooth and whisper quiet. Reholstering wasn't as difficult as I thought in an unreinforced holster. I love this holster! The price was definitely right at $25 and this holster was a test case so to speak. I am planning on getting the Tail Gunner model and the Sky High model when I get the dough. This holster has really made me look forward to adding the 145 to my carry rotation.

The Mag Carrier

This mag carrier is great. I really like the "pull the dot" snap belt loop setup. When this thing is snapped on your belt, it is pretty much impossible to come unsnapped on its own. Retention is fully adjustable with the two tension screws. The carrier is nice and sturdy, as it is made of cowhide, and workmanship is top notch. The PT-145 Pro magazines fit it nicely and the retention is excellent. I like this mag carrier as much as I like the holster!


In conclusion, I just want to say that High Noon Holsters makes a quality product, has great prices and I can't recommend them enough. They will definitely be getting more of my hard earned money!

The Rig

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tail gunner

I spent the last week turkey hunting and took my G27 several days in my tailgunner, after all with a 12ga 3 1/2" mag. shotgun why do you need a wimpy little carry gun :cool: . I basically wanted to see how comfortable the gun/holster combo was outside of usual everyday life. It's a little uncomfortable sitting for a couple hours on the ground against a tree, of course sitting against a tree on the ground is uncomfortable in itself. As far as the holster it stayed put where I wanted it with sweat pouring off my back humping old strip mine grounds that were never reclaimed while carrying a fanny pack, camelback water container, and a big ole shotgun. When something in a IWB holster will pass muster on that front well city life is no contest! I will state that I have 2 tail gunners. One in horse hide for my G27 and another in cow hide for a 1911 platform ccw gun. The horse hide needed blocking for a good draw the cow hide had an excellent draw right out of the box. Maybe due to one gun being plastic and the other stainless. I'm not totally sure on that. A good belt will also help you on the comfort front. Enjoy!
Pat C.
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