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Review: Mongo Exploding Scarecrows

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To start off the review section I thought I'd pick something fun. The first review is on tannerite exploding targets. I've joined a group that goes to the desert here in AZ every Sunday to shoot NFA's .45's and large caliber weapons just for fun. :dancing2: We even have a bowling ball mortar. :naughty:

Lately we have been experimenting with center of mass exploding targets. I've attached 3 pictures. The first is the target we used. You have to hit center of mass on the target to set it off. The second picture is the target with 25lbs of flour on top the third is with a 5lbs bucket of lard on top of the target. If you have birds. Annoying nieghbors :naughty: or are just looking for some fun these are a blast. :wink: Just something light to start off the review section. :tinhat2: Let me know what you think.
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I heard there was a recipe for homemade tannerite on the net somewhere. Nice pics Nighthawk. How spendy is that stuff? What is the blast radius???

Cool. We haven't used Tannerite yet. Always fun to make stuff explode. Used to get these small 3X3 exploding targets that were fun to put on vital hit areas.
APachon said:
How spendy is that stuff? What is the blast radius???

A, not very expensive, check out the website. They will ship right to you. Blast radius is I'm guessing 20 ft.
Thanks Nighthawk. Will do.

Would have been fun to sneak one of those into that pig that they were studying the effects of shooting in the other thread wouldn't it? :wink:
Can you say Pork sandwich?

I was lucky enough to take part in a shooting event put on by last fall, someone brought a bottle of tannerite. Fun stuff :) Big Boom :D

If you order them by the case, they're less than $5 each. Well worth it, in my opinion.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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