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Review: Nighthawk Custom Talon IV

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You all know that I got my wife a Talon IV. Well my wife has been slammed with work and all and she wanted her pistol put through its paces before she attends a tactical class this sunday.

I fired 250 rds today and this Talon IV shoots like a dream. So much so I am scared to get my Talon I.

Unfortunately the Talon IV shipped with two Mecgar mags as Nighthawk Custom is out of ACT/Novak mags and yes they have already promised me replacement mags. They just did not want to hold up delivery of my wife's Talon IV due to mags. I think that was pretty cool of them, but seating a mag with a conventional mag plate into a pistol with a mag well does get disconcerting real quick. Ask me how I know :frown: ...

Back to the Talon IV. I was expecting this thing to kick like a mule as there is less mass in front of the trigger than that in which I am accustom to shooting (read Gov't 1911's) I was also expecting to have some FTE or FTRB or such issues as you all have mentioned. That was so not the case. This dear pistol ran like a top.

In 250 rds I am so impressed with the quality of this pistol. The recoil on this is less than the felt recoil on my P14-45. How I do not know but I am so glad I forked over the funds for this pistol. I know my wife will absolutely love this pistol. The trigger breaks at a lil under #3.5 and I knwo that my previous 1911's got smoother with rds through the bbl. How this can get any smoother is beyond me, this already feels as if it is on ball bearings.

So anyways, to the good part, how does she print on paper. Well I started @ 7 yds and decided to run her hard. Heck that is what I paid for, not some safe queen. I figured I would do quick mag dumps. The target shows the proof is in the pudding so to speak.

The head shots where @ 10 yds rapid with a mag change. The COM shots were @ 7 yds and were also rapid. I am very impressed with this pistol. The front strap checkering kept the Talon IV in my hand and the recoil had the front sight go up a bit and settle down real quick like. I am still in awe.

The Side cranial shots were from the holster 1 shot placements. I am also wicked impressed with the accuracy of this lil 1911.