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Review of my new S&W SS 1911sc

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QKShooter suggested that I write a review of my new 1911sc. Well I thought I would give a try. First of all my qualifications are simple, I'm a handgun addict and have been buying hanguns for over 35 years.

When I went to the gunshop last week I went to buy a Sigma9ve and walked out with the S&W SS 1911SC. So soon as I saw it I had to have it. I have two .45's already. But as we all know there's always room for another.

So I looked it over and lubed it and took it with a Sig Sauer P220 to the range. The reason I took the Sig was to give me some thing to compare it to.

I really liked the Wilson mags that came with the 1911, very easy to load. I used PMC .45acp 230 grain FMJ.. Now with both pistols loaded with the same loads I started shooting at 50ft.

First the Sig Sauer P220, this pistol is a year old and I have put about 1500 rounds down range with it. What can you say bad about a Sig. every round inside the black.

Now with the 1911sc I got the same results, great sights that are very easy to focus on. It had a little more muzzle flip than the Sig. which surprised me. I think it's going to take me a little time to get use to that. It was ejecting all the shells at a good angle. One thing that really impressed me was it has a real natural feel to it as it seems to want to point at the target by it self.

What I really don't like about the 1911 is cleaning it. Let's face it any pistol that comes with a wrench takes more time to clean.

Over all it's great pistol, very easy to grip and the sights are real fast to pick up. I thought the trigger was very good and seems to feel lighter than than it should be from the factory which is pleasant surprise. It is a very well made pistol with a good feel to it. For a pistol weighing 39 ounces with a 5 inch barrel it seems almost too easy to handle, it's a great buy at $695. Where else can you buy a good quality 1911 for that kind of money. It also has a life time warrenty

Funny thing about these two pistols I paid the exact same amount for the Sig Sauer P220. Oh yeah and I went and got the Sigma 9ve this morning that I forgot about last week.
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Thanks for the good forum review.
I sure would much rather read a "real" review by a fellow forum member than a "critique" in the doggone Gun Ragazines.
I'm also glad that you decided to take it out & shoot it "side by side" with the 220. (another one of my favorite carry pistols)
You said:
"It had a little more muzzle flip than the Sig which surprised me."
That is a huge suprise to me too because most folks think the SIG 220 (with factory grips) has more perceived muzzle flip than a 1911.
Anyway Thanks!

Oh...and Bud...yours was about the single most "unique" handgun review that I've ever read! :biggrin:
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