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I am new here and you guys don't know me but I have seen a lot of people wanting a pistol on a budget.

First off I am 52 years old. My dad put a Goverment issued 1911 from WWII in my hands when I was about 8 years old and I was sold on the 1911 platform that day. I have a bunch of other guns but I always come back to the 1911 as my favorite.

I currently own differnt configurations of Colt, Rock Island, Springfield Armory, Kimber and a few others.

I have carried a Colt Gold Cup for over 30 years. It is my favorite every day gun that I trust my life with.

Anyway, A couple of things recently caused me to want to stop carrying it every day.

1. I have to get in an out of my truck a lot and go in places that don't allow you to carry. That means the gun is in a lockbox with a cable around the seat leg but it is still alone and could get stolen.
2. I went to get it out of it's holster under the steering column the other day and I don't know how it happened but when I was getting it out , I managed to drop it and it went bounching around and landed on a gravel driveway and thank goodness it didn't get scratched.

I wanted a bare bones trust worthy GI type pistol to carry when my routine is like this.

I bought the 5" 1911 GI pistol from Bud's Gun shop after reading a lot of reviews about it. and figured that for $400.00 delivered, I couldn't go wrong.

I got this pistol and was very pleasantly surprised. I immediately started checking it out and while it isn't as smooth as some of my other handguns, it seemed to have pretty tight tolerances. Parts looked good, so I field stripped it, cleaned and reoiled it and took it out to shoot.

I have Novak sights on my GC and quite honestly since I wear monovision contacts, the short GI sights are a problem but for a person with good eyes, they shouldn't be a problem.

I have currently ran around 500 rounds through it with one FTE and that was because of the round.

I have only ran 230 Grain Ball ammo through it and it has mostly been cheap ammo like tulammmo, Armscor, etc.
I did polish the feed ramp just a little not because it really needed it but because I could.

The trigger isn't as smooth as my GC or Kimber but for someone wanting to try out the 1911 platform or for someone that just needs a reliable entry level handgun, I whole heartedly give 2 big thumbs up to this weapon.

I did put a set of cheap G10 grips on it because I didn't like the smooth Turkey Walnut grips but until I get a chance to have the sights installed, that is all I have done to it.

The Rock Island version of this gun is more expensive but I wouldn't give the RI any points over this Tisas.
I hope this helps someone out.

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Thanks for the review! It really sounds like the Tisas would be a good option for a cheaper 1911 or as a foundation to customize. I've also been shooting 1911's since I was old enough to hold one! Back in the day, Dad has several Springfield guns and a few Auto Ords, too. He felt the Springers were as good as anything out there as a basic gun to build one. I might eventually have to try one of the Tisas pistols since I'm currently w/o a 1911.

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Tisas makes very good 1911's for the buck. My understanding is that the 1911's imported by Umarex (Regent) are also made by Tisas.
Obviously for around $500, you are not going to get a Wilson Combat quality, but they work according to almost every reveiw I've seen.

thanks for the info.
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