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Review: Rafter S Gunbelt

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For anyone in the market for a top quality leather gunbelt, I can recommend the belts made by Rafter S Gunleather.

I have a 1.5 inch, black cowhide model that is just a hair over 3/16 inch thick. It has 4 rows of stitching, 7 adjustment holes spaced 3/4 inch apart, & a brass buckle secured by screws.

Price was very reasonable ($51.80, shipped) and delivery time was 3 weeks.
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How did this slip by me?

Thanks Captain I may have to get me one of these.
I have one as well in brown sharkskin, along with two holsters to match. I love the belt. Their holsters are top notch quality-wise, but leave a bit to be desired for urban CCW. The problem is that the holsters stick out too far. Even a flat gun like a Kahr K9 doesn't conceal well. For field or open carry, they're the bees knees. I carried a GP100 Saturday while turkey hunting and barely felt it on my belt. Same goes for the K9, other than feeling like I have a huge lump under my arm.

I'm waiting on a 1911 holster from them. A nice belt and mag pouch might follow it up eventually.
I've worn a Rafters belt now for a year and it still looks new and is just as straight as the day I got it.
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