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I've spent the last week testing out an ACE-1 by SHTF Gear and I have to say that overall I am very impressed with it. It's a very well built hybrid holster and I believe it would be an excellent choice for anyone looking at the hybrid style of holster for concealed carry.

I noticed a few things before I ever even tried it on that I was impressed with. First off, it's basically vey well made. The kevlar stitching is done very well and the kydex molding was spot on for the Glock model it was made for. I was also impressed with the exaggerated front sight well that would most definitely accommodate just about any front sight on the market. I'm partial to plain old stock sights, but you could have the largest of the Big Dots and not have any issues with sight clearance when drawing. Very well thought out kydex design. The black dye job on the leather is well done and the print on the logo is crisp and clean (obviously not important to everyone, but I appreciate attention to detail so I felt it was worth mentioning).

Right out of the box it was fairly comfortable. The leather is stout so it's a little stiff starting out, but I did notice that even within the short amount of time that I've been wearing it, it's started to conform to my body shape. By the end of just one week it has already started to mold itself into the natural shape that fits how I've been wearing it. I have no doubt that it will only continue to get more comfortable as it is worn.

Retention was very good from day one. The pistol is held in place well and drawing and re-holstering is smooth. Hybrid holsters rely on belt tension for proper retention but even without being worn the ACE-1 holds the pistol with just enough tension to keep it in place.

The ACE-1 has four adjustment positions for each belt clip and while I didn't try every position, I believe that there is plenty of adjustability for whatever desired degree of cant and concealment level. I personally like to be able to easily get a full grip on the pistol before it ever leaves the holster, but if you prefer a deeper level of concealment, you could drop it down fairly far and maybe cant it forward to allow for more access to the grip. I carried my Glock 19 with no concealment or comfort issues whatsoever. The holster also worked well with my Glock 26, however I spend most of the time with it carrying the G19, as I felt that anything it did well with the 19 would only be improved with the smaller frame of the 26.

Overall I'm very impressed with the ACE-1. It's well made and did everything it was supposed to do with no issues at all. I would have no problem recommending the ACE-1 to anyone who is looking for a hybrid style holster.

Carrying my Glock 19

Worked great with my Glock 26 too

Full disclosure of facts that are completely irrelevant to my review:

I won this holster in a random drawing. SHTF Gear did not ask for a review of their product and they don't know I'm doing one. The review is based solely on the fact that I was very impressed with the holster. Had I not liked it, I would have probably never said a word and that'd be the end of it. I most certainly wouldn't write a good review for my DC family if that wasn't how I actually felt, so getting it for free had no bearing on my feelings about it. Secondly, in a week I'm going to be giving this holster to a friend of mine that had his pistol and holster stolen recently. He's on a pretty tight budget and his brother in law gave him a Gen 3 Glock 19 so he won't have to go unarmed, but he has no holster. Other than the testing I've been doing with the ACE-1, I carry AIWB exclusively, so this style of hybrid doesn't work as well for that as some other designs. If I didn't have a buddy in need, I would keep it and use it to carry the G19 when I wanted more rounds in the clip. Since I do, however, I feel that paying it forward and helping him out is the better use for such a good product.
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