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Review: Trident Concepts Combative Pistol 1

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Last week I spent two days taking Combative Pistol 1 from Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts class. Here is a quick review:

Due to circumstances beyond Jeff’s control, the range at which he had originally contracted to teach the course cancelled on him at the last moment, so he had to scramble to find an alternative. Fortunately the good folks at Issaquah Police Department let us use there range. The range only had had six lanes, so since there were eleven shooters we had to too in two relays. This also meant that the Shooting on the Move class had to be canceled.

You can find a detailed description of the class on Jeff’s website.

Jeff is an excellent instructor and is not dogmatic about students having to do stuff his way (as long as your way is safe), he will point out why he does something a certain way, and the possible disadvantages of another method but leaves the final decision to the student, (after all, as he is fond of pointing out, its your ass). He also put up with my many annoying questions very patiently.

CP1 is a class designed to teach and hone the basic gun-fighting skills; summarized by the combat triad: Mindset, Marksmanship and Manipulations. The class is designed to be re-taken and still get maximum benefit.

This class does not go into detail about issues around concealed carry and a concealment garment is optional for the class.

Since Jeff comes from a military background, which influences his philosophy towards the “Mr. Murphy” approach of assume the worst will happen at the worst time at train appropriately. This may result is a slight reduction of speed, but comes with the advantage of working in adverse conditions. For example Jeff believes in non-diagnostic malfunction drills, and stripping an empty mag before going for new one, instead of letting gravity drop the mag. Liberal use was made of dummy rounds to simulate FTFs in most of the remaining drills, once the malfunction drills had been learned.

There were two blocks of class room instruction, one on mindset and one on low light fighting and equipment.

The remainder of the class was spent on the range doing drills from 25 yards to 3 yards. Jeff is a big believer in using longer ranges to diagnose shooting problems, which you may not notice or get away with at shorter ranges. (One of his other courses on long range pistol shooting goes from 25 out to 100 yards!). All the drills were well thought out and beneficial.

I particularly liked Jeff’s approach to barricades and obstacles, and will hopefully have a chance to try them in my own force on force training soon.

Contact and scedule info here .
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Thanks for the tips.

I switched to the "overhand" slide rack technique a while back. Now that I'm used to it, I think it is a superior technique (for me, anyway).

Good point on spare parts. I plan to take one spare of each part. :biggrin:

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