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The SR4C is a 1-4x22 LPV (low power variable) optic which has a 4MOA daytime visible red dot, features the SR4C reticle in MIL scale. The Zeroing knobs are 2/10MIL per click adjustment and the eyepiece is adjustable with a +2 to -3 diopter for sharp focus. 22mm objective at 1x and a 32mm eyepiece which yields a 6.23mm exit pupil. 1X magnification FOV (field of view) at 100 yards spans 110 feet. Case is made out of 6061-T6 Aluminum and it accepts CR2032 batteries. The entire optic, sans mount, weighs around 1.25 lbs. I purchased this optic around January of 2015 directly from USOptics for an LE price of just under $2,000.

The Samson 30mm DMR Mount is made out of 6061-T6 Aluminum, has two positive locking latches and can be operated one handed. Completely tool-less and is designed to work with any picatinny rail. I purchased directly from Samson shortly after my purchase of the SR4C for retail price. [/quote]

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