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Hello everyone...

I am in the HUNT...

for a rifle action. For some reason, its appears that they are getting scrarce. Ive been all over the net and emailed various custom gunmakers and manufactureers and they are all sold out.

I prefer a MiniMauser or Remington action,but Im not picky. I dont want to use a military mauser action, I want to start out with something that is known, used is OK but not abused.

I am starting another project...if I can get an action that is.

I am going to make a bolt action .300 Whisper rifle that has a integral suppressor built into the barrel and Im going to put an HS Precision stock on it. The barrel will be a 1.250 Shilen barrel blank with a 1 in 8 twist to stablize 220 grain subsonic bullets.I'll chamber,thread and suppress the barrel myself.

Hopefully I can make a custom rifle that will be extremely accurate for about a third of what one would cost to have built.

Does anyone have an action they want to get rid of or know of any?
Any help or info would be much appreciated.

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Not much help here, hopefully someone can chime in with better info or even an action for you. I have considered this kind of project myself, after my hunting buddy had one built for around $4k. Too rich for my blood, but I like the idea of "rolling your own" and getting exactly what you want.

I have heard of police auctions where they sell well used Remington 870s and 700s dirt cheap, but I have yet to track one down. CDNN has used pistols and revolvers, but I haven't seen used LE long guns from them. Let us know if you come up with a hidden gold mine of rifle actions!
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