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Rocksalt handloads?

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Any use whatsoever??

I have never loaded a shell yet with this tho heck - would not take me long to do.

I reckon if things real bad then lead is gonna be better but - we have the ''less than lethal'' camp, within which some incapacitation may be wanted without worse.

So - total joke? Worthy of any consideration? Not for me tho!

I open it to the floor :smile:
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If I'm going to shoot, I'm going to shoot something that's going to get threat to cease, not get elevated blood pressure and taste better after I cook its remains.

Oops, scratch that last part.
taste better after I cook its remains.
Bwhahaha - on form tonight Robert :18:
Nope, lead! :smile:
I honestly believe the use of such a thing is apocryphal for lack of a better word.
I was taught with VERY a heavy hand, That I should never shoot or even point a gun at another person unless I am willing and justified in take there life.
So rock salt loads seem like Karma waiting to happen, to me.
Great for pre cooking up the jerky. You can also mix in seasoning too, if ya reload.
Rock Salt

Actually, methinks Rock Salt was sometimes loaded into muzzle loading shotguns. I'll bet that did sting a bit.
Not too many folks using those "front end loading shotguns" for defense anymore.:blink:
I guess one advantage was that (in a pinch) you could stuff nearly anything down that tube.

Don't know if rock salt it was ever loaded into shotshells.
I loaded some in my old 12 gauage for pest control years ago. The feral cats and dogs I used it on were more put off by the bang than the salt. Out past 10 yds it wouldn't penetrate butcher paper.

Never, never, never, ever! Totally inefficaceous, or unintentionally lethal. With time and moderate humidity, the rocksalt will coalesce into a slug.

I helped a friend pop off some of his granddad's old varmit loads, once. No "solid" plugs of salt came out, but some sharp pieces of buckshot size were around and in the squash we were shooting. I'd be surprised if a salt "slug" left the barrel intact, but those chunks were big enough to tear stuff off/out.
First, if I'm firing at someone, then I am in fear of at least grave bodily harm and need to get the threat immediately stopped.

Second, I know that in order to stop the threat, I may be forced to physically turn the attacker's switch off with my firearm.

Third, I know that ammo that WILL shut the attacker down is widely available.

Fourth, there are tools available that really are less-than-lethal, if that's all one needs to address a threat, and a rock-salt load could be MORE deadly than these.

With those being the case, why would I purposefully load the weapon with something that WON'T shut the attacker down if that becomes necessary?

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All agree I think. Myself included.

I only brought it up as something I had come across - seemingly as someone's idea of a less than lethal approach! Thx for replies.
P95Carry said:
All agree I think. Myself included.

I only brought it up as something I had come across - seemingly as someone's idea of a less than lethal approach! Thx for replies.

Righto. After thinkin' about it some more, I think the problem that I have with it is the comparative uncertainty as to how the round will ultimately perform. If you need it to be lethal, it may not be. And it might be lethal even though you intended it not to be. Since there are lethal and non-lethal forms of ammo that would be better suited to either task, I would think that intentionally loading the firearm with something of less-certain performance could give rise to a strong argument that the act was reckless.

In my field, I have had to evaluate a number of Less than lethal options, should the need arise. Rubber rockets, rubber buckshot, pepper payloads and beanbag rounds all have a place at times.

These can be obtained by non-LE citizens at or Some are very spendy. Be aware that any of the LTL rounds can be deadly if used in close proximity.

And what of the plastic shot wad?

Imagine dumping out shot loading in rock salt or even red pepper, shooting at some perp with less than lethal intent but the shot wade spins up into his face crushing his eye ball.

Think of the charges and lawsuits to follow. So I'd say nope to that myself.
I saw the effect of rock salt on the back side of two buddies in the The 7th grade. We had an orange grove behind our school and every once in a while we would jump the fence and help our selves to a snack. Well the old farmer got tired of our pilfering and one day a couple of buddies jumped the fence a few moment later we heard shooting and screaming. These two young men flew past us like they were on fire, which their back sides were, and went straight for the showers. Well we all took off after them and they hit the water dropping their pants trying to wash the salt out. I must say we all got a good laugh out of that after words. It also goes without saying no more oranges for lunch.
Huh ??........... 10:26PM... Way past your bedtime. Go to sleep,you'll feel better in the AM. ---------
All I have to say on this subject is....

I lost my taste for watermelon for a couple years late one night:aargh4:
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