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Rogers Precision???

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I just sent off a request for a quote for some work to my wife's pistol. Has anyone here had any work done by Chuck Rogers of Roger Precision??? From the looks of his work, this gent is an artist. I have requested Front Serrations to mimic the rear serrations on my wife's pistol, Front Strap checkering to mimic the LPI checkering on the S&A Magwell, Blending of the S&A Magwell, and a carry package and reliability package with a trigger job to boot.

Told y'all, I like to mod my 1911's Here I go again.


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I havnt had anything done but have heard Good things about His work.
Re. Rogers Precision.....none better! You WILL be more than satisfied.
Thanks guys. I await his reply.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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