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My experiance with Ross is very poor.

The Marksman, in Puyallup, WA, where I used to work, sold them. They aren't very nice at all.
Every holster I encountered could not keep the gun in tight. The scariest were the SOB's. My friend bought one and it started falling out after a month. I had a guy from 2/75 Ranger BN almost punch me out because I sold him one. I showed him all the holsters we offered and he picked the Ross because of price. I exchanged it for a Kramer HorseHide for him and gave him a free range pass. I felt like crap selling someone that.
Their black rigs bleed pretty bad and the leather isn't very good. It is too soft and not worth the money.
I am not one to bash, but they are terrible. They may have changed in the past couple of years but I doubt it.
The only positive I ever encountered with them was a shooters belt I bought. I still have it after 5 years and they only thing I had to do to it was replace the buckle and redye it. It is still stiff and in good condition, considering I paid $35 for it.
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