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have you got a Ruger 10/22 ?

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Ruger 10/22

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anybody got a Ruger 10/22 ?
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Have had two. Sold one 25 years ago <sob!>, bought another three years ago. Great guns IMHO - lots of goodies available, tried and true design! Fun to shoot.
I've got one. Heavy barrel target type. Love it.
I have a stainless with a Houge stock, VQ trigger, and a Tasco Tactial/Varmint 2.5-10x scope. I left the barrel stock. Its accuracy is good enough for treerat hunting, and I dont want to clean a Bentz chamber every 20rds.
you bet !--- I got a receiver from a 1968 model. rebuilt trigger with VQ parts with a 3.5 lb. pull. moly coated. GB fluted SS bull barrel. Hogue rubber overmolded stock. BSA 4 MOA red dot sight.
quite the shooter ! :yup:
Doesn't everybody ??? Got two. One fairly plain jane. The other with a Leuplod 3X9X40,Clark trigger(parts),carbon fiber bbl,Uncle Mikes stock,etc.,etc. Used it in Maine for winter Grouse. When it's 0-10 below thay fly up high into a maple tree and sit there and look at you. Even with a 20 it's no fun. But......shooting head/neck shots only, with a .22 is great. My practice was 1" circle offhand. Out to 35(or so) yards they were dead. Great fun!! Shot a couple of BR-50 matches at the club with it but can't compete with them really tricked .22's. ----------
I still have the one my dad bought me when I was 16 years old. That makes it 16 years old this August. It's as stock as the day I got it except for the cheapo scope I have on it for shooting at the range. Great little gun that I'll never get rid of. I plan to give it to my sons when they are old enough and responsible enough.
I have two.I prefer marlin 60 to the ruger as I do not do
any add on stuff.
I,ve got a Ruger I bought in 1976. Have shot thousands of rounds thru it. (literally) It is a great little gun.
yep, have had it in diffrent stocks at diffrent times. i like the ATI Dragonov style it is in right now best though.
Had one, but was part of the trade for my 1911
Sorry - Marlin 60 here :smilez:
PatrioticRick said:
Had one, but was part of the trade for my 1911
We'll let it slide since it was for a good cause :biggrin2:

I have 4 , 2 are the deluxe models.
P95Carry said:
Sorry - Marlin 60 here :smilez:
I bought my son one of those Stainless Steel Deluxe versions two days before he was's locked up in the safe still
I've got two. They are great. Love shooting them. Not that I have first hand knowledge, but I've been told <ahem!> they are sturdy truck guns and can take a lot of knocking around.

I can't shoot the cheaper Federal ammo out of them, though. Not enough juice to cycle the bolt.
Nope. I opted for the Remington 597.
I received one from my father sometime around 1978 and have used the daylights out of it. It looks rough as I have carred it in the truck for years next to the drivers door. Mine is the Ruger model just like it came from the store. I bet I have fired 3000+ rounds through that gun. Hell of a weapon. If I could only have one weapon to survive with a Ruger 10/22 would be it.
I have one,and I call her my grocery getter.
Yup got one. and its one of my funnest guns to plink with. Altho I take my 22/45 most of the time to the range with me the 10/22 does see duty from time to time.

Nope, not at this time.
I use a Winchester Model 74 or a 9422.
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