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A few weeks ago I woke up with a jolt to a "CRACK!" in the middle of the night & it came from inside the house. :eek:
It actually sounded like the crack of a .22 rimfire but, not so nearly loud. The same type of sound though. So...I won't really go into it but, I basically patrolled the house on "Sleepy Alert"...all the while wondering "whatdahell" sound I heard. :confused:
I checked the 3rd floor & all of the doors & windows...(thought maybe somebody tried to crack in a door or window) which was highly unlikely since our perimeter alarm was set & quiet. I checked to see if anything fell in the closets. I'm checking to see if the dog could have knocked something over...I'm checking EVERYTHING & found absolutely nothing.
I begrudgingly went back to bed being POed :mad: at myself that something could have made that loud of a sound in my own home & I could not discover what it was.
Two days later I FOUND OUT what it was. It was a tusk section of ivory (under stress) that cracked like a shot.
Super Hot weather in combination with Air Conditioning is not that great for full tusk Ivory.
So I carefully bandsaw cut out the crack & made a few other strategic cuts on this one section & nicely saved it. (yea!)
I was happy that I could probably "pull" a nice set of SAA grips out of one half the section & still have the other half perfectly intact & useable later on.
Then I decided to do a set of Ivory Ruger Grips instead of COLT grips. There are not too many Ruger Single Actions around with genuine Ivory grips. That's PROBABLY because (these days) the blocks of Ivory cost about as much as a new Ruger. :biggrin:
Right now...I've got them to the point where the two blocks are "fit" to the revolver. I'm behind taking my pictures.
I can already see a couple of things that I probably should have done differently.
I should probably have just cut two flat slabs instead of trying to work with the natural curve on one side. That sure would have been easier.

I also should have made two exactly fitting sheet brass templates instead of working from the "factory fit" wood grips because they are terribly fit.

I also probably should have waited to locate & drill "them there" two holes until I fit both halves to the frame....since (looking at the hammer spring area) it's really NOT that critical that the grip screw holes be located EXACTLY where the original holes are in the wood grips.
Now...I tied myself to that hole should be OK though.
SOOOO...I am going to get them done & presentable yet!
More pics to follow....until I get these Dad Blamed Things to look like a nice set of Proper Gun Ivories.
Tomorrow SHOULD get interesting because I'm going to "rough grind" these out right on the Six Gun.
But, I have a steady hand with a Foredom grinder & a Carbide cutter.
I have EVERY CONFIDENCE in my ability to maybe screw up the grips up BUT NOT the gun. :biggrin:
One "Whoops!" and a "slip" onto that Ruger Super BlackHawk Frame & I'll hafta delete my own thread due to foul language. @#!!&%!
Stay tuned for the continuing illustrated story of
PHOTO UPDATE: Here is where I far.
Notice the "Hot Glue" on the scrap cut~off pieces. Hot Glue works great for quick jigging up Ivory. Now to do some SHAPING and Sanding...& Rasping. :biggrin:
It should go decently fast from here...maybe...HOPEFULLY!

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QK - one thing I alwats find on those std grips - they are too skinny. I'd think it could be worth making these ivories a tad fatter, well at first at least but still keeping the same look.

I have made quite a few wood grips for revos but never anything else re materials. This is an interesting project. I am certain you know but I understand ivory dust is nasty stuff - so some sorta face mask yeah.

Slow but sure will be the way, as I know you know :smile:

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cool, am toying with the idea of wood burning my wod grips with some kind of design. Looked at the fake black grips , but none were on sale for my gun.
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