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Rusty mag!

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Dropped by local baccy store to pic up some smokes - and passed a coupla minutes of BS with a cop from local Sheriff's dept - charming fella, and probably close to retiring. he liked my bike!

As he went to get into his Jeep, Explorer - whatever it was - saw a giveaway color of rust on his mag baseplate!!! I am thinking perhaps he had a G22 - probably, but couldn't be sure.

Made me wonder when was the last time he had removed piece from his rig! :wink:

I doubt he has serviced the gun in months!

Range practice?? What's that!

Shoulda invited him along to an informal shoot, come to think on it.
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Did you read that one article on the Super Vel site about the one cop that used to clean his revolver by spraying it with WD40 - WITHOUT removing the cartridges from the cylinder? Unreal!
Bwhahaha - WD40 ''shower'' maintainance - LOL!
Be wary for the world is rife with Anti-Euclideans whose pieces are not clean enough to eat off of...

That WD40 thing makes me feel phyiscally ill.
Don't feel too bad.

I got two NIB factory stainless Smith mags for my 4506 with surface dirt and rust on them today - direct out of the box from the wholesaler.

I couldn't have imagined this if I'd tried.
Wow. That just makes me mad and it affects me in no way at all.
He probably kept his car clean and shiny, tho.

Got to look good parked outside the donut king.
baseplates on glocks are plastic they cant rust
Yeah, yeah, what Bud said.
It obviously was not a Glock then - I couldn't see enough of it! :wink:
As P95 had found out LEOS don't shoot as much as we think. I wish I could find the COPS video where the Trooper unloaded a full Magazine on a guy who attacked him and ran across the highway. Smoke filled the screen as his back up brought him back. If a cop shoots someone its a long process of explanation so I think this is really the last resort for them. Thus, I will never have to use this thing, I'll just wear it with the uniform. Click, click, funeral services will be held for.... Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you if the Lord above feels its time for you to use it. "faith without works is dead" :cool:
Believe it or not, they sell WD40 right next to the Rem-oil in Wal-Mart :)

At today's shoot where I was doing RSO duty, we had to wait for the end range to become free, as it was local cops doing qualifying.

Once they had gone, we set up using the same backers - oh my oh my - the spread of shots on some was - well, worrying :smile: Nice bunch of guys but, not so sure that some did more than qual' shooting, ever!!!

I hope to write up some stuff on today to post later, tomorrow with luck - hopefully have some useable vid to edit and post a clip of some full auto fun :wink:
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