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S&W 1911Sc

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Anyone Held one yet or got to shoot it ?
Looks like it might be a decent piece kind of think its funny that with all the hubbub about wonder metals etc etc it stillw eighs more than a orignal Colt commander .

From what ive read so far it looks like a straight forward gun no bull barrel (i prefer the reg barrel to bull) but does have a FLGR(full legnth Guide rod).

Not sure if i would want a FLGR on a crayy gun never have seen a use for them other than to slow down take down. Also have a Firing pin safty think thats what it said tied in the brip safety and not the trigger so trigger pull wont be effected

the ones in the mag Came with novak night sights only thing looked funny there was you could see daylight under the back of the rear sight also came with 8 round mags ... Would like to find out the real price on them and maybe pick one up for mySelf ...

What do ya think ? :vikings15

P.s Only thing i see i dont really like is no Ambi safety .. Kind of important to me S&W 1911Sc
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I could go for one of those!!! I do like full size 5" guns though and it would be nice to shoot one first. Smith would come to the sheriffs range and leave a gun or two for people to play with for a while. Never got to shoot and try them but the guys would blast away for hours.
I have a smith 4506, cannot shoot it worth a darn and its a good gun.

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So Far......

Nearly everything I've read on other forums from the shooters that actually bought them...and are shooting them ~ is that they are very pleased.
The Scandium Aluminum Alloy seems to be "tough as nails" with no frame ramp or rail wear. No problems.
I did read about a couple of early extractor problems.
.....about the real only complaint was the BIG Bill Board "1911 Sc" logo.
That is a very minor thing though & some folks actually love it.

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I have been looking at the 1911sc for a few months now. Three weeks ago i signed back up at the Smith and Wesson Shooting Sports Center in Springfield Mass, it's about 35 miles from my house(and the place i shoot IDPA). While I was there i put 100 rounds through the rental range's 1911SC. The gun worked very well and fit my hand quite well. It took me some time to get used to the sites(The pistols i am used to are SIG's and have a little different site picture than the Novak's on the SC). The gun was light, handled well and pointed nice. Once i got over the different(to me) site picture, I was able to fire 8 shot groups in the sub 2" range at 30'. Not great shooting but that was me not the gun. Two of the 8 shot groups had 5 rounds all touching or keyholed on the x ring. Over all I liked the gun enough to say that i will own one as soon as i can.
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