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S&W 4003 / 4006 IWB holster ideas?

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I sometimes carry my 4003 and when I do I carry it in my Theis.

I carry my M&Ps in a Safariland version of a summer special, their model 18 and also like that style of holster.

So I'm looking for other IWB holster options for my 4003 that aren't a few months wait, anyone have any ideas?

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This is how I carry my 1006. The holster is one I made myself with lots of influence from Midworld Holster's Ohio Special. It is a big, heavy carry but manageable in this holster on a Wilderness Instructor belt.

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Lightning Arms Sports, in Beaverton, Oregon.

A quick check of their inventory shows they've got a number of the Galco holsters available right now for the 4003/4006 flavors, in stock. (Assuming their online pages are accurate.) Galco is a close-out vendor for them, right now, so the pricing is fairly decent as well.
Often I still carry my old serivce handgun in .40 cal S&W 411...I use a Blackhawk cut for a Springfield well and rides low.
Ships in 2-3 weeks.

S&W 4006 ACE-1 Holster

Thanks guys! I'll check these ideas out.
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