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S&W 66 snub holsters

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Hey All,
Wanted to show my Galco OWB (Combat Master??) for my 66 snub. Great quality, though not overly fancy....Rides high and tight and great cant angle:

A much nicer holster is my Mitch Rosen ARG IWB. This one exudes quality, ride height is perfect, although it could use a bit more forward cant angle (to hide grip better). At first, I wasn't sure if I would like only one attachment point, but it works perfectly, as it allows me to wear my revolver JUST behind my hip, which conceals well, but also allows for driving and sitting without getting uncomfortable:

sorry for the weird angle of the second pic....Photobucket sends it like that...even after editing!
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I really like the Mitch Rosen holster, but the Galco really isn't the "wall-flower-at-the-dance" either. The Model 66, especially in snub form, has always had an "all business" look to it. That wicked carry knife caught my eye as well....what are the specs on that if you don't mind sharing them?
Very nice i use a milt sparks summer special keeps it in tight no printing for owb i use this by kent hayes Leather Belt Fashion accessory Metal
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I'm personally not a fan of the Galco, but the Mitch Rosen is really sharp. I was looking around for a suitable holster for my 66 for some time; I'm more of a minimalist, so the Galco just seems like too much leather up top. I do like the ride height, though. I settled on a Masters IWB for my 66.
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