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S&W 908 Mag base plates

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My 908 came with two mags. One had a flat base plate and the other had the one with a pinky extension. The handle is large enough that I can get a full three finger on the grip so I would like to swap the plate on my mag with the pinky extension to one that is flat. I'd like to do this partly because my OCD side would like everything to match but mainly to shorten the handle up a tad bit. Does anyone know of some place I could buy the mag base plates?
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I'd check with S&W first. I have a feeling they may have some stashed on a shelf somewhere. Doesn't hurt to ask them.

I prefer the flat base plate as well. I do know that the bottom plate for Kahr 9mm's will fit, but they look different and since you want the same look that won't do it for you.
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