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As a Public service announcment to my fellow Forum Members, and as we're all looking for the best deals out there, I posted the Shield info in the handguns section, but for you AR style rifle shooters, Kittery Trading post has about 200 of these M&P Sporter rifles in stock. 699.99 each plus 25.00 shipping/Ins to YOUR FFL dealer, where you'll do your NICS check . Just make sure they're LEGAL TO OWN in YOUR state. They have all the "EVIL" features 30 round mag, collapsable stock, Bayonet lug, flash hider and pistol grip. NOT compliant in Massachusetts, CA, NY, CT, and several other States that have the AWB laws or Hi cap mag laws, and unfortunatly, we can't ship em to those States no matter what.
yeah, it sounds crappy, but it's not our call.
Hunting Stores Online | Online Sporting Goods | Camping Equipment then go to USED guns tab, and navigate to the NEW guns where you can see everything the Store carrys and has on inventory
The Store is located in Kittery Maine. phone number is 1-800-USA-GUNS.
Mods, I hope I didn't violate any Forum rules, and if you need to delete, please do so.
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