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SA Mil-Spec vs. GI???

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I've been strongly considering an SA Mil-spec as my next purchase (to use as a primary carry weapon). Well, it seems the GI model is a fair bit less expensive so I'm wondering about differences between the two. I know the front sights are different, the GI uses a lanyard loop MS housing and I "think" only the Mil-spec has a lowered & flared ejection port. Discounting the number of mags each comes with (got plenty of those already) and the obvious grip panels, are there any other significant differences?

For those of you with the GI, do you find the smaller front sight affects accuracy & target acquisition enough to be a concern (for defensive use only, not competition shooting)? Is the QC on these typical Springfield or do they slack off a bit to meet the price point?

I'm starting to think I could get just as much gun in the GI as I could the Mil-spec for less expense. This will be my 5th 1911 (all others were sold off :frown: ) and I've started to really appreciate the unmodified design more and more through the years (no beavertail, evil front slide serrations, etc.).

So whaddya guys think, get the GI or save a few more dollars and buy the Mil-spec? BTW, I don't usually do many after market mods to my guns, usually just a grip change. Changing sights could always be done later if needed.
Thanks all!
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I don't own either but want to have a 1911 some day, and will probably get one of these models, so I've done the comparison.

From my perspective as a non-1911 centric buyer, the difference is the Mil Spec has the lowered ejection port and better sights. The GI is more authentic to the original design however.

If I were going to seriously use a 1911 for a defensive pistol, I'd get the Milspec because it's pretty much good out of the box for my needs because the sights are so much better.

I'm also considering it may be worth the extra $100 for the lowered ejection port as I'd want to be able to reload more easily, but apparently a lot of people don't experience dinged brass from the GI. Reports are mixed.

If you didn't like the Mil Spec's sights and were just going to replace them anyway, I don't think the GI would be the end of the world.

I do hear a tale that the GI models are mostly good to go out of the box, but I'm sure someone will have a story to contradict that here in a few posts.

I'm seriously considering the GI because I just want to have a 1911 for the sake of having one. If I actually wanted to do anything with it besides kill paper, any sort of competition or defensive use, I'd get the next model up.
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I have a SA GI champion (4")

But I have not used it for carry , as I prefer my DA SIG , or
my .357 snubby for everyday carry.

But if I were to carry it , the only change I would make would
be a good set of Night sights.
I had both and got rid of my GI (to fund my XSE) and kept my mil-spec. Both were great, just like my mil-spec more ( Neither were carry guns though. I do how ever carry my XSE and love it. Anyways, my GI didn't ding the brass anymore than my mil-spec does, it just ejected them all over the place and usualy off your head.
Thanks for all the input, appreciate it. No problem with dinged brass as I don't reload anyway. Erratic ejection is why I always wear a baseball hat shooting now - had one too many hot cases go down the shirt.

I think the only thing that makes me hesitate on the GI is that front sight. I'm just not sure how effective it'd be for me at "typical" confrontation distances. In all honesty I'd prefer a Colt 1991 but can't justify the price premium over the SA models (living on a pension and all). I'll more than likely go the layaway route on this so the cost difference between the two may be less of a factor. Like Euc, I think I'd probably be better off with the Mil-Spec's better sights. We'll see what happens.

Thanks guys!
Get the Mil-Spec. The GI is fine, except for the sights. The front and rear sights are miniscule and barely visible. Additionally, the Mil-Spec has a stainless steel barrel vs. the GI's blued carbon steel barrel. The GI is a good period piece which will function fine, but the Mil-Spec is a much better shooter's gun. My $.02.
Mil-Spec would be the better Carry gun.. The smaller sights might give you a bit of trouble with sight aquisition in times of stress.........

You can almost completely eliminate dinged brass out of the small ports by correct tuning of the extractor.

Mil-Spec vs GI

GI Model:
Blued barrel
High wall ejection port
Little GI sights
Lanyard loop on mainspring housing
Vertical cocking serration's on slide

Stainless barrel and on some models a stainless bushing
Loaded chamber indicator (some models)
Lowered and flared ejection port
High profile 3-dot sights
Beveled magazine well
No lanyard loop on mainspring housing
Angled cocking serration's on slide

I'd prefer a Colt 1991 but can't justify the price premium over the SA models
Not flaming Springers (I like 'em enough to have owned 'em) but, if you had them in pieces side by side, you could.
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how bout a 70 series commander electroless nickle?
how bout a 70 series commander electroless nickle?
Can you get pics of the slide where it says Series 70 or one of the "Accurizor" bushing? :wink: :tongue:

(kidding here, just kidding)
OD said:
Can you get pics of the slide where it says Series 70 or one of the "Accurizor" bushing? :wink: :tongue:

(kidding here, just kidding)
I'll get a couple pics if ya want em :yup:
extra mag come with it too......
Ohhhhhhhhh don't wish too may get your wish LOL....where I NEVER know what's gonna walk in the door LOL :biggrin2:
Yeah, you boys are too good with the photoshop software! :nono: :image035:

I know you're good enough to post a pic of a gun Colt never produced. :biggrin2:
Just ask OD - we can supply :evil: :icon16:
OD, I agree about the extractor tuning but as long as the brass clears the port and doesn't cause a malfunction I'm not much worried about its condition. I didn't know about the stainless bushing though ... it's an option I'd be interested in.

My last .45 was a ORM SS Colt 1991, paid $699 + tax in 2002. Loved the gun but sold it off to help out my Mom after Dad died. Actually, that's the one 1911 I don't regret selling - only because of why it was sold. Would really like a NRM blue 1991 to replace it but don't see that happening anytime soon. Heck, I'd like a blue Delta Elite too but I've got a tight budget here.

I want the 5" barrel and a blued or park'ed finish this time around, sorry Class3. I've got a couple guns I might use as trade fodder if need be though.

Sorry about your Dad, I wouldn't miss the gun under those circumstances either.

We agree again sir, dented brass doesn't really bother me, it all comes out in the resizing die. :wink:

I have to give you boys a lot of credit, you are slick devils! :smile:
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