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Alrighty......I can follow this pretty good. I'm military and fairly often peruse our base's "lemon lot". We have a 'drive-thru' car wash right next to it as well.
On base means 'No Guns', for everyone.....presumably. It's very rare that anything 'happens' on base, but some bases do have 'problems' with personnel being malicious (sp?) and your SA should never become so lax just becaues your 'comfortable' with your surrondings. I think you were plenty aware of your surrondings and did good thinking through the situation as it 'unfolded'.

You did good by ID'ing quickly that ya'll were 'boxed in' and making preps to push your way out if the situation 'went south'.

Something to consider would br to whole situation prior to going into the carwash. Was the car that pulled in behind you there in the lot before? Were the occupants of both cars together, talking among themselves, and 'possibly' behaving suspiciously? The totality of the situation before and as it 'unfolded' would give you a better picture.

Bravo Zulu, stay safe, and keep your head up and on a swivel.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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