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Some of you have read about our officers who were shot last Monday. One on a car stop, Molly Bowden, and one 10 hours later, Curtis Brown, in the arm, on attempted apprehension.

Well it appears clear now, that Molly is going to survive, but even though I am perhaps being premature here, there is some concern about the long term injuries that she may have suffered, from a neck shot that may have done serious spinal cord damage. It is still too early to tell with any great degree of accuracy what the long term prognosis is.

She is 26, folks.

She and her husband, Corey, also a Columbia, MO police officer, have been married about a year. They live in a small trailer and were in the process of buying land to build a house.

There is a local groundswell of support, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Well, I happen to have this website. And I have more than 11,000 very close friends.

You have helped me and this site before, when I asked. I have asked twice. Once to help Corporal JJ, our beloved Marine moderator, when he was battling cancer. We sent money to him from you that allowed him to buy back some HKs that he had to sell from that ordeal.

And once, I asked you to help purchase a server for the boards, which were chronically bad for a long time.

Now I REALLY need your help, for someone in dire need on a much larger scale. There is much need in the world, and terrible tragedies of such magnitude that are hard to comprehend. (Tsunami)

And there are small tragedies, that forever alter the dreams of a young police officer, of a life with her husband, and a future family, a simple life together.

Well, she has a family, larger, much larger than her own. She has a family of brothers and sisters who number about 150 in the police department, about 100,000 in the city of Columbia, and who knows how many, on the Internet?

A foundation has been established for monetary contributions. It is called the Columbia Police Foundation Officer Down Fund. I am going to provide an address here for you to contribute, generously I hope.

I am going to provide relevant links for you, so that you can know more about this story and perhaps donate. I want you to donate directly to the foundation. I don't want a dime sent to me. And my sincerest hope is that you will write something to her, expressing your hope and support, from all over the planet, along with your financial support.

This is a link to the orignal story about the shootings:
First Columbia Daily Tribune Article

Officer Curtis Brown has been released from the hospital. Although the fund is for him as well, he has indicated publicly and privately that SHE is the one who needs the money.

MANY of you are new to these boards, and have no seeming connection to me or to this HKPRO family. This site is free, and the information is plentiful. I hope that you can dig deep for Molly, and though a contribution of $5 is greatly appreciated, I am hoping that you can see fit to give $50 or more. And hope that those of you with significant means can give even more.

I truly consider this, my internet family, with all the support you have given me for this website over the years.

Thank you certainly will not cover whatever you can do, but it is my hope that my brothers (and sisters) at HKPRO will come through for my sister in blue, and her family in her time of significant need.

YOUR FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE Contributions and well wishes should be sent to :

Columbia Police Foundation Inc.
Officer Down Fund
Attention: Officer Terri Marki
600 East Walnut
Columbia, MO 65201

If you want, you can also use your Paypal account to donate directly to the Foundation, by the email address listed for Officer Marki. It is, [email protected]

Also, on other websites, there has been honest inquiry about the bonafides of all this. I encourage all the investigation necessary for your satisfaction. While I would never participate in something that wasn't the real deal, I respect cautious giving, without a doubt. So, there won't be any offense taken here.


It is with deep sadness that I must advise you that Molly Bowden died today at about 1:30 central time.

Funeral arrangements are pending at this time, but I will keep you informed.

Again, I cannot thank all of you enough for your gracious support, prayers and encouragement from all over the world, for someone you did not know, during this incredibly difficult time.

This won't be covered by local newspapers until tomorrow morning, due to deadlines, but I will link to them as I can.

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Arrangements in place for funeral of slain police officer

By the Tribune’s staff
Published Monday, February 14, 2005
Services for Columbia police Officer Molly Bowden, who died last week from injuries she suffered in the line of duty, will be at 1 p.m. tomorrow in the Mizzou Arena, 1 Champion Drive. A public viewing is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Members of the public should park in designated areas on the east and south sides of the Hearnes Center. The public will be allowed to walk past Bowden’s open coffin, and a guest book will be available to sign. Bowden’s family will not be at the public viewing.

Funeral arrangements are being handled by Memorial Funeral Home.

After the service, a police motorcade will escort a hearse carrying Bowden’s body to Memorial Cemetery for burial. It will go north on Providence Road and west on Business Loop 70.

Bowden, 26, died Thursday from complications related to a shooting on Jan. 10. She was shot three times in the neck and shoulder area during a traffic stop on Nifong and Forum boulevards.

The funeral expenses will be covered through death benefits and the Columbia Police Foundation. The family receives $6,000 in funeral benefits through workers’ compensation and pension fund funeral benefits, city Finance Director Lori Fleming said.

"I know anything not covered will be picked up by the foundation," police Capt. Sam Hargadine said.

Donations may be made to the Columbia Police Foundation’s Officer Down Fund at any branch of Commerce Bank; the Columbia Police Department, 600 E. Walnut St.; and the Atwill & Montgomery law office, 16 N. Eighth St. Checks should be made to Columbia Police Foundation Inc. Officer Down Fund.

There will be no cost for use of the Mizzou Arena, Mizzou Athletics spokesman Chad Moller said. Ushers who weren’t already scheduled to work are volunteering their time, he said.

Spicewine Ironworks, Gold Nugget Popcorn and Beta Beta Que Society, in conjunction with the Columbia Police Officers Association, are holding a barbecue and silent auction fund-raiser from 4 to 10 p.m. Saturday at Kemper Arena. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children and $25 for a family pass. Tickets can be purchased at any Little General Store or UPS Store or from any Columbia police officer. For more information, call Jay Curry at 881-4042.

More than 200 items have been donated for the auction from local businesses, Curry said. Proceeds go to the Bowden family.

Bowden’s husband, Corey, will receive a roughly $1,200 per month pension on Molly Bowden’s behalf for life or until he remarries, Fleming said. He will also get an undetermined workers’ compensation settlement.

The city will pay as much as $750,000 on the workers’ compensation claim, and the rest will be paid for by the city’s insurer.

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Columbia Responds
After the death of Officer Molly Bowden, the first Columbia police officer to die in the line of duty from an assault, Columbians mourns and remember the life of a woman many are calling a hero.
Condolences flood in When reserve Columbia police Officer David Young and his wife, Debbie, got off their motorcycle at the Columbia Police Department, they stopped to look at the memorial of flowers, cards, bears and candles. They came to the station to buy another magnetic blue ribbon dedicated to Officer Molly Bowden. More.

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Yeah I frequent HKPro as well. I went on the link from a friend and too found out the bad news. Well I do know as good a person as she was, she is definitely in a better place and this world is worse off for her early departure.


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Thanks for posting this.
I had walked into my house after saying "Hi" & giving a big happy smile to my new "next door" neighbor who is a young and new Pgh. Police Officer.
She is a warm, friendly, & fantastic person and she had just arrived "Home From Work."
It was almost right after that (when I got back on my computer) and I clicked on this thread.
I had to click right back off of it again.
I just could not read it right at that time.
I sure hope that everyone realizes that Law Enforcement is so much more than "just a job" ~ It's a "job" that sometimes our finest & best people don't arrive "Home" from. I am very sad after finally reading this thread.
Rest In Peace Molly.
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