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I am (almost) strictly used to a handgun being a pull and fire affair. In my way of thinking if you pull the trigger the gun is going to go off.

I'm afraid of external safeties on a carry gun because I don't want to hear click instead of bang. I personally think of a heavy double action trigger pull as being that slim margin of error allowance that I personally desire.

I think perhaps the most interesting safety system I own is on my XD. The trigger is basically a Glock trigger, but due to the presence of the grip safety, you cannot fire the pistol unless you clearly intend to. You can set the pistol in a support and pull the trigger and it will not fire. I have to admit I first saw the grip safety as compensation for the fact that this is a single action pistol, but now I'm beginning to think it's all rather clever the way they designed this handgun.

I think all that revolver shooting is my greatest asset however. You pull the trigger, it goes bang every single time. You don't want it to go bang, well your only choice is don't pull the trigger. You can't physically create an ambiguous situation where the gun may or may not fire when the trigger is pulled, not even on these newfangled wheelguns with the cursed internal locks.

However to me this all points to one thing: individual subjectivity configures into what is or is not a gun design which is more conducive to proper safety depending on the person.
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