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So I was told by my local range that they didn't allow steel cased ammo on the range due to its reputation for poor quality control and they didn't want people trying to clear jams on a populated line. I can understand that. Then I got this in an email from them;

Good news, Ammo limits have been eased on some calibers. Yet due to overall ammo shortage, there are limits on out-the-door ammo yet. We have temporarily lifted the ban on steel and aluminum case PISTOL ammo (still no steel rifle ammo, sorry) and you may shoot it in the range. See you soon!

No extra range officers either to account for the apparent decrease in the margin of safety. Maybe now they'll admit that they just didn't want to separate the casings before they sold the brass.

I don't shoot much steel cased pistol ammo but I just found this interesting.
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