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Save "older" holsters

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A word of advice/caution for you newer handgunners: Don't toss your old- er holsters as you may find a gun that fits one later on in your quest for the " perfect gun." That's why folks talk about their holster " box": mine is actually a metal case that was my first " to the range" bag. To get to the point: after about 2 1/2 years at having a handgun, I, like many others, have accumulated a sizeable collection of holsters from previously owned guns and, yesterday, actually found one to fit my new Taurus 709 Slim with SS slide. It's a High-Noon job that I had bought for a SC Beretta Storm about two years ago. Well, to my amazement and delight, it fits the 709 like a glove. Many will tell you not to use one holster made for brand "X" for your new brand "Y." That makes no sense to me IF THE NEW GUN FITS THE OLD HOLSTER VERY WELL--- at least until you might want to get the "proper" holster when finances permit. Of course, use whatever common sense you have, BUT DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING ANYONE TELLS YOU ABOUT GUNS,HOLSTERS, ETC. If it works for you, God Bless You. Happy holstering & shooting!:hand10:
And I'll put in a plug for two great holster makers: Jeff at HaysHolsters and Brad at BearRiverHolsters.
You can't go wrong with these two gentlemen.:35:
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Good advice!
Agreed....I have a ton of old holsters and gear. Oddly enough I seem to collect "vintage" gear from the revolver days of when I was a cop. I have some great pieces I have picked up a places like pawn shops who often have huge stores of used leather that are still serviceable. I have picked up holsters and support equipment that in their day were very expensive. Items like single and dual dump pouches, speed loaders and cases, holsters, and the old loop style cartridge carriers are among the treasures of bygone days I have gathered. The nifty thing is most shooters today will not give these items a second look, and once you start picking them up from your sources they will often sell them to you for next to nothing. It may be the old cop in me but I just love these old "sixgun support systems".
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