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Scenario: Smackdown on the road

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So you are driving down the road it\'s almost dusk on a summer night. You come up on a car on the side of the road. There are a man and a woman behind the car and the man is beating the crap out of the woman. You can safely stop if you chose to, and you do have your pistol with you. Not any other traffic that you can see on the road.

Again really happened here in Virginia. I\'ll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow. Until then, what do you think?
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So you stop a safe distance behind, dial 911 on the cell, if it is possible hit them with the high beams, honk the horn, in short distract and take notes She could have been a hitch hiker that attempted to mug him. If he leaves offer assistance. You do not know what the situation is, so unless it is in the defence of human life you gun should be holstered, and stay in contact with the 911 operator. Just thoughts on what I would try and do.
Good answer,

I would probably do the same, except I might poke my head out the window and yell in my most intimidating voice for him to let her go.

I learned my lesson with private disputes at age 18. My friend , David, talked me into going to a rough part of town to play pool. We pulled up and got out of the car, Just as I got up to the door with David about 15ft behind me a woman cam bursting out the front door, looking panicked, and screaming for help. There was a guy a couple of seconds behind, her and, hot on her heels. I glanced at David, who nodded and and said \"I\'ve got your back\". Being 18 years old, and indestructable as all 18year olds think they are, I grabbed the guys coat and started to say something to the effect of \"leave her alone\" I discovered several things in quick succesion

#1 18 year old boys are dumb as a box of hammers.
#2 18 year old boys beleive way to much of what they see in movies
#3 18 year old boys are NOT indestructable.
#4 18 year old friends named David will stand by patiently and watch while you are getting yourself pummeled by an angry drunk guy twice your size.
#4 275lb bouncers are our friends.

Final Score.

Angry Drunk guy, 1
Stupid kid, 0

BTW David and I never really hung out much after that. LOL
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I drive a late model crown vic, so the act of pulling up may scare him off. If not, cops get dialed and i\'ll do my best to shout him off. If that doesn\'t work there\'s a can of fox labs with his name on it.

Just calling the cops doesn\'t cut it. If the woman here is actually the victim she\'ll be dead before state police arrive.
Wait, wait wait, wait....what happened to \"not my job to get involved\"?
Again, you dont who the players are, who is the bad guy and who is doing what. This could easily be an u/c narc trying to subdue a crackchic w a knife. So, why now would anyone choose to \'be there'for another human? If you\'re wondering what I mean, check out the post \'Liquor Store\'. Probably \'cause there is time, distance, and ready escape. I can dig that. My answere would be much the same as earlier posts. Make pulling over very obvious, call 911 or vhp and report. Then, slowly drive by with the cell in plain view, cab light on. And I suppose, drive off. Now, just like the Liquor Store, the longer you stay, the better the chance of being involved, but the better the chance he ceases his attack, if he is a bg. If she exits the vehicle, where do you think she\'s gonna go? Right, directly to the vehicle parked behind them-yours. If he chooses to follow, now he\'s in your face. So, here we are again. Do we stay in an effort to de escelate the violence tho we dont know who\'s who? Or do we mind our own business and look out for #1? I think the middle ground is to stop, get plates and model, call it in and leave.
This is one I have seen, tho I was on foot in a parking lot. Stopped about 4'rear driver\'s side of the car, looked at sideview mirror while on cell. When dude looked in the mirror, he let her go. She runs behing me, so I tell her get in the store we are at the front of. I also tell the clerk on smoke break to go inside and call the S.O., loudly. Dude drives off, I go inside an tell our \'victim'to stay with the clerk untill a dep arrives. I skate as I see the guy\'s car headed north on the highway at a great rate of speed. Figure if I leave, the dep has one less person to interview.

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When I got this one my response was to pull over close enough to read the license plate. Get the plate # and get on the phone. I also said I might stick my head out and ask if everything was ok, and ask if they needed any assistance holding up my cell phone.

Domestic Violence situations are some of the most dangerous situations you can get yourself into as a LEO or not.
Well you guys had better responses than the guy who did stop. He wound up in police custody for awhile until they sorted it all out.

He stopped, exited his vehicle yelling at the guy to stop beating the woman. The guy told him in language that would be censored here to stay out of it. Our good guy then drew his CCW pistol and ordered the guy to stop beating on the woman. At that point both the man and woman jumped into the car and left leaving our good guy standing on the side of the road befuddled. The good guy gets back in his car and proceeds about his business.

A while later he gets pulled over and it is a felony stop. If you are not familiar it means multiple officers, guns out and they are not looking to see your license and registration. After our good guy is disarmed and in the back of the cruiser he is informed that they had a call on him brandishing a gun and threatening a couple on the side of the road.

It took a couple hours, but the cops sorted it out and the good guy learned a valuable lesson. He was not charged, but he certainly could have been, and it may have cost him his CHP.
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Great scenario, Scott. Thanks for the follow up. You guys really get me thinking, thanks. What I\'m most impressed with on this site in particular, is the fact nobody seems to be in any big hurry to shoot a bg. Man, some forums have dudes ready to draw down if the nieghbor\'s terrier poohs in thier yard. Everyone here seems very realistic and very aware of potential consequences of the firearm they tote. Great bunch. The more intelligent folks out there, the better off this country is gonna be.
Even when we disagree, it is in a civil, intelligent manner. And, as in Liquor Store, others'logic was superior to mine and by presenting it in the manner they did, won me over.
You guys (and gals) are great. Keep it up.

I too have been impressed.

Lets keep up the great scenarios and learn from each other.
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