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Good answer,

I would probably do the same, except I might poke my head out the window and yell in my most intimidating voice for him to let her go.

I learned my lesson with private disputes at age 18. My friend , David, talked me into going to a rough part of town to play pool. We pulled up and got out of the car, Just as I got up to the door with David about 15ft behind me a woman cam bursting out the front door, looking panicked, and screaming for help. There was a guy a couple of seconds behind, her and, hot on her heels. I glanced at David, who nodded and and said \"I\'ve got your back\". Being 18 years old, and indestructable as all 18year olds think they are, I grabbed the guys coat and started to say something to the effect of \"leave her alone\" I discovered several things in quick succesion

#1 18 year old boys are dumb as a box of hammers.
#2 18 year old boys beleive way to much of what they see in movies
#3 18 year old boys are NOT indestructable.
#4 18 year old friends named David will stand by patiently and watch while you are getting yourself pummeled by an angry drunk guy twice your size.
#4 275lb bouncers are our friends.

Final Score.

Angry Drunk guy, 1
Stupid kid, 0

BTW David and I never really hung out much after that. LOL
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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