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For something fun and different I scoped a S&W 629 with a 6 inch barrel a few weeks ago and had rather poor results at the range. I was using an ammo can as a rest which was the biggest mistake.

I went to the range on Monday with the 44 mag and shot better than trip #1. I brought some 240 gr hard cast loaded with some Unique powder, which took the recoil out of the equation. Just guessing from the book they were probably going about 950 fps. I started out at 30 yards and was grouping. I moved out to 50 yards and shot prone, resting off a backpack. I pulled the 1st shot. The second ended up on paper, shots 3-5 grouped somewhat. I have no clue what acceptable is, either way I got a lot more practice ahead of me. I will probably try a shooting stick for trip #3 as it will be a more consistent platform to shoot off of.

I had more ammo loaded but we were playing around with other guns as well. The range trip was already about 2 hours and us Northerners don't do well in 95f weather.

50 yard target:
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