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Second String?

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We're all so particular about our personal carry guns, and darn well we should be! I'm particular about my auto insurance too. I'm as particular as I can afford to be about anything that I might really need in a hurry one day!

I enjoy remarking sometimes on how it's not a one size fits all situation, but imagine this nightmare scenario: your carry gun suddenly dissappears and there are no more to be had!

Sure it sounds silly, but if you carry something that's not a classic pattern like a 1911, it could possibly happen. Plenty of good pistols have gone by the wayside. For instance my Rossi 971 is a nice enough gun, but if it ever breaks, that's all she wrote! There's no parts or the like to be had.

So what's your second string? For me it's the GP100 I always rant and rave about. I think it could become my number one if not for the fact I don't like to carry it any other way than strong side OWB and strong side OWB isn't an option for me much of the time. I've got to have an IWB option for my primary, it's just a rule of mine.

When my XD holsters were being made, I also relied on the CZ 75B. I have to admit it's not my first choice either, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I remember some time ago I was looking for a gun that was a "spare", a serviceable but not very expensive handgun in the 9mm cartridge that I could lose if I had to and not cry about, and yet was a quality gun I could trust my life to. I believe I've found it.
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I have a whole safe full of 1911's so that's not a problem.

Let's see there is the matched pair of Les Baer Thunder Ranch Specials, the Wilson Tac Elite built on an STI 2011 frame, the Kimber CDP Compact, the Rock River Custom, with my name for a serial number. So I have no shortage of carry options. And the good thing is, I don't have to have a whole collection of holsters for them.:danceban:

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Yeah but that's the very reason this would likely never happen to you acparmed. Someone somewhere will always make a 1911. It might not be cheap but it will be available.

Those of us who prefer a more proprietary product might have to worry about it though. For instance, will the XD be around in 20 years? Could go either way.

But even something like the Sig 220, a fine platform to be sure and one with a longer track record, could fall from the annals of history.

It's something to think about.

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Euc - leaving out 1911's - which for me is not difficult as now I only have the Sistema, which ain't my ideal carry.

If SIG 226 was ruled out then - 228 - if that goes too - then 220.

Once SIG options gone then well - in semi's - BHP, SW99, P95, P97 - and then revo's - well SP-101 and M28-2 have both seen duty time - and I'd happily tote the 629 or 625.! Even the venerable M85 can come back into play too.

I can rest fairly easy but your idea has a basis for some folks. Redundancy of carry gun needs thought about - maybe a good reason to double up too :smile:

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>Those of us who prefer a more proprietary product might have to
>worry about it though. For instance, will the XD be around in 20
>years? Could go either way.

On the XD, you may be correct. Finding parts for imported pistols that have not had widespread military or police adoption can be difficult or impossible.

>But even something like the Sig 220, a fine platform to be sure and
>one with a longer track record, could fall from the annals of history.

Truthfully, I doubt it. I can still, for instance, easily get parts for Broomhandle Mausers - because of their long service history and widespread use. The Sigs have been in use now for decades. So has the Beretta 92 series, and the 1911, and most of the S&W autos, and the Glocks.

It's a question of how many adopted and what sort of backline support has been available.

If you're worried about parts availability in a particular gun, however, buy a second or a third or a fourth.

My chances of breaking all of my Sig 226s is *slight*, but I still have a complete slide assembly with all internal parts. I have an extra barrel, recoil springs, rebuild kits, etc - so even if Sig was wiped off the face of the earth tomorrow I'd be good to go.

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There's something to be said for having a spare weapon that's identical to your primary. In time I plan to buy a second 1911 (either another Mil-Spec or a Colt 1991) and build to match however my SA Mil-Spec turns out. Sure 1911s are "relatively" the same but identical weapons have some advantages as far as grip configuration and trigger similarity.

If I couldn't carry the 1911 I'd use my J-frame, as I do now. Still a few other weapons I'd like to buy: a BHP (to secure a 9mm platform), Colt Delta Elite, E.G. Makarov, Ruger GP-100, maybe an XD45 or Glock G30/36, a Colt DS ... and ... and ... and.
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