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The Invictus Training Academy provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive training programs available. We offer security training programs that will enhance individual skills and better prepare students for the private security industry. What sets us apart is our team of highly experienced instructors. Invictus Instructors come from Marine Corps Special Operations, Department of Defense Security, and Law Enforcement. Our instructors have extensive training in security, firearms and tactics, as well as stateside and international real word experience. Staff members are fully licensed in the State of Florida. Our instructors are recognized leaders in their field, and have trained hundreds of military, law enforcement and security professionals.

24 Hr Security "D" Course
16 Hr Security "D" Course
Statewide Firearms Course "G"
4 Hr "G" Recertification
Collapsible Baton Certification
OC Spray Certification
Tactical Firearm Courses
Concealed Weapons Courses

Invictus Firearms Training Videos
Security Training
Weapons Stress Course
Invictus Instructors
Tactical Handgun
Stress Course
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