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self-reliance as a stumbling block

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I like to dabble around in poetry every once in a while, and here's something that gets some of my thoughts across to women who choose to do nothing to take their own safety into their hands.

I'm also tired of anti-gunners who say, "that's why you have a man to protect you." That's an incredibly sexist thing to say, and makes me think of these countries where women are not permitted to go outdoors without being accompanied by her husband or male relative (and she's severely beaten when she does).

And this doesn't mean a woman has to carry a gun as her only means of protection, or the gun is the "prevent-all, cure-all."

The gun is still perceived as "the man's thing" (kinda like a BBQ grill :wink: ) and handling one is sometimes seen as "unfeminine." Those are silly beliefs - guns aren't "just for men" and not only can they be fun to shoot, it is the great equalizer that gives a small woman a heckuva chance against a big assailant, and gives one a great sense of responsibility.

With a great sense of responsibility comes self-respect and self-reliance. You have more of an ability to stand up for yourself, and stand up on your own. I think that those men who believe women shouldn't shoot are those who don't want to suffer inadequacy issues if a woman is able to defend herself. They enjoy the power and find self-reliant females intimidating.

(I once scared a guy off before because not only was I overall independent, I took responsibility for my own safety. He said it was intimidating and added, "I'm unable to do anything for you." Poor guy, he really did mean well. :ponder: )

Anyhow, here it is. Any helpful suggestions for better wording is welcome. :smile: