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possible alternate wording

Your poem is good as it stands,
but here is a possible alternate wording:

"Our worth is ours
to weigh and decide.

"Let self-reliance
be our guide."

i think it makes for
a [slightly] stronger ending.

(I ran 3 martial arts classes,
and taught women's self defense
to some women in my church,
so I do like your general sentiments
as I am very "pro" self-reliant women)

Thank you,

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OK; now I see where you are coming from. :smile:
Yes, in that case it stands fine "as is."

Yes, your cop friend is correct;
babysitting is not their job;
people need to take personal responsibility
for their own safety.

I see many people today walking around
in Condition White (i.e. totally unaware).
Having a firearm on your person,
or having a black belt in some martial art,
neither one of these will do a bit of good
to the person who refuses
to stay aware of their surroundings at all times.

One of my best friends was nearly mugged
in a parking lot.
His vigilence in shoving her into their car
prevented any harm being done.
But she was angry with him
because she was so out-of-touch
with her environment
that she failed to notice the threat.
This "nice woman" feels that if
we are just "nice" to everyone else
than "the universe" will take care of us.

Thank God, my friend married another women
and this one is a fireman (firewoman)
who can take care of herself
and has her own handgun.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now
(sorry for the long posting,
but I'm a newbie. *lol* )

take care & be well,
and congratulations
(newly married, right?)
(marriage is very good
says the husband of many years. :smile: )
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