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Sending revolver to Ruger for checkup?

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After hearing some of the success stories here and elsewhere about sending old revolvers back to Ruger for a touchup, I'm considering doing it myself.

My old Speed Six's bluing shows considerable holster wear, and I figure having an expert look at the internals couldn't hurt.

I have to wait until I get another gun to hold down the fort while it's gone (anybody got a used SP-101 .357 they wanna let go cheap?)

Anyway, before I do this I thought I'd see if anyone had comments or advice. Anyone?
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make sure its as stock as it can be supposedly they will change out any non stock part.

They will probley charge you for reblueing and maybe any parts replacement but the rates are reasonable my uncle had one reblued and rebuilt for 90$

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I it is a carry piece the blueing will wear soon enough anyway. If you have doubts about the internals send it in. Personally I kinda like my worn in looking guns.
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