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I received an offer today from my favorite holster maker, Hidden Hybrid Holsters. I wish they'd get more attention, because their holsters are (IMO) every bit as good as the Alien Gear, and HHH was making a tuckable IWB/OWB holster before AG. I own one for my P938s, my XD-S (my Honor Guard fits it as well), and my P290RS. I just got a P225-A1 and will be getting one for that, too. Comfortable, adjustable, and attractive. Priced well, too.

And now, HHH is offering 10% every holster for the Fourth of July. Use the code "July4th2016" to get the discount. Hey, they said to "share with a gun loving friend." I guess that's YOU!

Hidden Hybrid Holsters | Made in the USA | Concealed Carry Holsters | Gun Holsters

Note: The offer expires July 6th.
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