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Shelf life on ammo??

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I was wondering what the "true" shelf life is on ammo.
I am not as worried about target ammo, I am thinking about ammo used durring CCW.
I try to cycle through my ammo evey year or so but it can get expensive. Is there anything wrong with keeping the same ammo for a few years?
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If properly stored I believe shelf life would be almost indefinite , I have shot a lot of mil surplus ammo from the beginning of the last century LOL . That being said personally I would consider 2 years as the MAX time to rotate defensive ammo , and would seriously look at doing it sooner due to the fact cycling ( unloading and loading for cleaning , target practice , ect.. ) the ammo can have a certain attrition with burred extractor graves , bullet setback creating dangerous overpressure ( most of the famous glock kabooms ) ect.
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