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I was looking at the feed ramp on my Taurus PT145 Millennium.I could tell it had been polished, but it looked to have some light marring on it. Since I had various grits of leftover wet dry sandpaper, I took a two inch by 4 inch piece of 800 grit, wet it down and sanded/polished it up as well as the shiny part of the top of the barrel. I don't know the proper term, but it shows on top of the pistol. After all of the light scratches were gone, I took some Mother's Mag and Aluminum polish & a paper towel and buffed it.

It came out amazing!!! It is a mirror finish and the ramp is silken!! I have had a couple of FTF when I first got it from my dad, but it was pretty dirty.
Whether this helps or not, I don't know, but it looks soooo good. It does feel a little smoother when I release the slide to chamber a round.

I am waiting on a new camera to be delivered to me so as soon as I can I'll take some pictures.
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