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I live, and work in the 3rd ranked "party school" in the nation. Here in Fl. there is NO firearms alowed on any campus. Although you can have a stun gun:image035: .

So does anyone know of a good quality stun gun, with enough juice to "light up someones night".
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I think you'd be better-off with some OC-spray rather than a stun-gun (in addition to a couple of good knives of course:biggrin2: ).
I wish I could use a Tazer, but the campus regulations wont let me use something that "fires a dart or projectile". On top of that if I had $1000 to throw around, it would be spent on a SA SOCOM rifle:yup: .

You’re probably right. But I got one anyhow:tongue: .

I bought a Black Cobra 600,000 volt, yesterday. It was around $38. I went straight to my Lacrosse buddy’s house, to watch a tape of last week’s game. I put a 9v battery in, and then tested it. There was no sparks:confused: . I thought it was busted. I went to take the battery out, so I could return it. The electrodes brushed my belly, and I got zapped for a brief second. It woke me up. I then noticed that I had two small burn marks where it brushed me. My bud was reading the directions, and saw that I needed an alkaline battery. I bought a cheap battery. So we went back to Wally World to get another battery. I tested it again, and got it to spark.
Anyhow, after we did some online research. I realized that it isn’t a great SD device. Although it is a neat little toy. At least I didn’t spend a ton of loot for it.
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Will the school allow a "expandable nightstick"(ASP) or a blade ?? Fla. will allow both and you'd be better off with either. I acquired a 26" ASP awhile back and have been taking training on it's use from a certified trainer/LEO. Once you learn a little about them,I gotta say ,they are quite the weapon. And not just if used to strike with either. --------
Will the school allow a "expandable nightstick"(ASP) or a blade ??
No on the A.S.P., yes if the blade is a folder, no for fixed blade.
Stun guns, and chemical agent is allowed. I don’t think a folder would get a second glance, unless it "looks" like a weapon.

Ill just use pepper, a waved Delica, and a Leatherman to use as a Kubotan. Pulse any other object at hand to use as a weapon. Hmmm..... I think I’m going to make a monkey fist as a key chain fob.

I guess there is some cloudy spots in "The Gunshine State"
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