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Shoot or not...

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Hey friends I will dusting the 1911 off this weekend and I have some old ammo that I need to shoot up. This ammo is about six months old and some rounds have Set Back into the case some what. Do I just discard these or are they safe to shoot ?
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How much setback? my opinion would be ditch um not risk the gun
I appreciate that Bud I will do just that. I will ditch them. I plan on switching to Gold Sabers or Speer.
Check OAL on all Blue but while discarding any with set back - rest should be good to go. Six months ain't old ammo :smile:

Better still - do you reload? I'd pull the short ones and use components - but then I am a conservationist (with ammo stuff!) :wink:
Thanks 95. I got rid of old....
any set back could cause a KB. not good. How did they get this way? ARe they factory loads? Inquiring minds want to know.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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