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Shooters' Legacy Articles Section

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Howdy folks,

I very much enjoy the forums here, mostly because of the great membership. I operate a firearms forum at

We have just opened an articles section, and you are all invited to check it out. Just click on the articles button on the main page.
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CE - looks very nice indeed - see moparman and Alan Fud there - two familiar names.

I will try and browse a bit when I can but hey - despite THR mod'ing taking much time - and having found CC relatively recently - which I like immensely - I doubt that active membership of yet another board will be viable - but looks like a good board you have going there. :smile:

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Thanks for the kind words.

There are lots of folks there that are also active on other forums. So, there will be some familiar names. I visit three or four firearms forums on a regular basis and some on a semi-frequent basis. Plus, I help with a police forum. I use the name "legacy38" on some gun forums.

I'm sure THR does keep you busy. That place is hopping.
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