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Shooting .22 indoors

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This might sound a bit crazy, but I have a huge basement and have seen traps to catch .22 bullets. How can I make something like this? The ones I have seen are only 10" by 11" and about $50. There has to be a way to make something larger that will be effective for much less money.

Has anybody done anything like this?? I know I cant fire off my .308 in my urban home, but a .22 would just sound like a nail gun or something.

Also, does anyone know if a standard velocity .22 round will penetrate 3/4" plywood???
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Can't help with your questions but I hope you have VERY friendly neighbors!
Check out this site. Might give some insight.
I looked in this type of thing once, i wanted to put in an indoor gun range, in my basement. My wife ex-nayed this idea. Check with some of the range design companies, they have lots of good stuff.
I actually used to do this when I was much younger.
I would set up some phone books for a backstop and plink from the living room down the hall into the bedroom.

Although I don't recommend it and wouldn't do it any more. it did work at the time.
Be Careful

Find out about local restrictions.
Even though it is in your basement you may be prohibited from discharging any firearm within city or town or borough limits.
And yes, that would include your very own basement.
the problem i'd worry about is lead and burnt power contamination. I wouldnt worry about the neighbors too much, a 22 in the basement probably wouldnt be heard outside the house.
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Local scrap yard and get some 3/16" or 1/4" plate.
tilt at 45 degrees to knock bullets downward into a bed (12" or so) of rubber chips (can get at local bulk mulch yard) they use'em in playgrounds. seems like it'd work.
hey, to avoid neighbor calls build a silencer for yer 22 or shoot sub sonic rounds. subsonics would be less illegal than a silencer but if nobody knows nobody calls.
also be aware of airborn lead issues.
i'd be more worried about my health than law issues
Thanks for the replys, it is without a doubt illeagal where I live, no question about that! But, who would know????? I would use subsonic rounds, and have music playing while I shoot. I just need to know if there are any risks besides legal issues. I don't think a stray .22 round would make it through 3/4" subfloor with padding and carpet, would it?? I've read about making backstops out of a box filled with magazines and cardboard, will that work??
While sub sonics are quieter and have less penetration, the lead particles and powder residue is the worry. An occasional shot will probably not harm ya much, but a build up of residue may indeed cause health concerns. (oh yeah, don't do anything illegal either. )
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Legalities aside - the health risk aspect is perhaps the one to be most aware of. I believe many rimfire primers still use lead styphnate or similar and so airborn contamination is a probability.

When we shoot pin indoors with .22's we have a large fan going most of the time. Bullet lead splash and particulates are by comparison IMO quite minor risks for inhalation.

Use air weapons - BB guns, whatever - still plenty of fun to be had.
If I'm not mistaken the first time I shot a gun was a .22 in a relative's basement, I was about 8 years old. We shot at a hunk of wood, like a tree trunk (15" dia. x 2ft high). I think I also missed:aargh4:
Definitely have some health issues. You run a good risk of lead poisoning. Not sure how severe it would be, but if you plan on having kids, or have young kids at home, they are/will be at greater risk than you. It causes learning disabilities, reproductive harm, birth defects, etc.

Perhaps Winclean type ammo, don't know about clean and subsonic. I also thought about the same thing. I was thinking (dreaming) of sound proofing, ventilating, reinforcing (walls, ceiling). The angled metal is definitely the answer. All the ranges here have the exact same thing (can't use any magnum/super/special ammo). I don't even think it's 1/4 inch. If you can't find rubber, sand/dirt would also work.
you could use CCI CB shorts...........VERY QUIET......especially using a bolt action rifle................sounds like a cap gun, and the distance you'll be shooting is more than enough for target use..
The Basement Ceiling

I would not want to bet the life of a family member that a stray
.22 LR bullet could not pass through a plywood subfloor & top floor.

just thought I would mention that.
Otis said:
Also, does anyone know if a standard velocity .22 round will penetrate 3/4" plywood???
I've seen a standard .22lr go through a 2 by 4
Doesn't sound like such a good idea.
If you were to take local laws into account, properly shield the area, then vent room. $$$$$ later you may be able to do this. One thought though, they use to make a gallery round, which was made of powdered iron, this round turned to dust on impact with any thing of substance. Many years ago I played with a brick of this stuff, when shot into water it would break up so bad it would just lay on the bottom, try and shoot a 2x4 it would just splat and leave a dent. They might still make it but I bet it is pricey.
sounds like the time for CCI CB shorts...........sounds like a cap velocity, and would be a lot safer than standerd vel 22LR
These Are The Flobert

Cute Lil' Thangs!

These Are The CCI CB Longs (below)
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