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Should I buy back my P94

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Ok here's the deal. When I turned 21 I bought my first handgun. A Ruger P94 40cal. I was young and didnt do any homework, just went in, looked around, and bought what "looked cool". A year or so later I found my self in money troubles and sold the gun to a friend for $200, half of what I paid for it. I am back on my feet financially and the opportunity has come up to buy the gun back from my friend for the same $200 I sold it for.

Should I buy it back? I have always hated selling guns, and I like the idea of having one of my originals back. I was very nieve about guns during the time I had this one, and I cant really remember how it shot or felt in my hand since I only took it to the range a few times before selling it.

What are you guys' opinions on the P94? I know the 40cal round has a good amount of kick, and the gun is metal and quite heavier than my XD. Would you buy it back for a nightstand gun? Or put the $200 towards something else?
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Buy it back for sentiment if nothing else. It was your FIRST...
I definately would buy it back. Not only does it have sentimental value, but you can't get anything else worth buying for $200. P94's are good guns even though they are on the larger size.

My first handgun purchase when I turned 21 was a P94 .40 also. I still have the original receipt for $299. That was in 1999.

If I can avoid it I hope to never sell a gun. If I have one I don't like I'll just give it to my son sooner.
Where else are you going to find a Ruger P94 40cal for that price? You know the gun and if you liked it, go for it.
Agree with the other posters, getting it back for the same price is just too good to pass up.
I say get it back just for sentiment if nothing else. Im not familiar with the P94, still its a Ruger and they have a good rep.
My first was a Ruger P94 also. Sold it to get another gun - wish I'd kept it and saved longer for the other. No way for me to buy it back.

I'd say buy it back and keep it.
For $200, I'd rather have my old P89DC back, but I guess a P94 would do. If I were you, yes...I'd buy it back.
Buy buy buy! Your tastes and needs may have changed, but you won't find a Ruger for $200 anywhere these day unless it's stolen.
Buy it back and put it on "nightstand" duty.
Heck, I bet you get 10 offers on this forum to cover expenses and make you a tidy profit... :image035:
Heck yeah buy it back. That's an excellent deal AND your first gun.
Definitely, buy it back... It was your first...Where are you going to find a reliable gun for $200...
Well, except for a Jimenez 380...:rofl: (see other thread)
Heck yeah you should buy it back! When I turned 21, the very first gun I ever bought was a Ruger P95 decocker. Like you, I ran into some financial troubles and sold it for $200, and I've always regretted it. I would kill for the chance to get it back(not literally.)

It's your first gun, it's a dependable gun, and it's being offered to you for great price. Why would you hesitate? Go get it back! :yup:
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