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Ok I know that quality and cheap do not go together, but I am looking for a good quality, "affordable" shoulder holster. I have never carried with a shoulder holster so I am not 100% sure I will like it.

Now for my definition of affordable to try it out. I have seen the Miami Classic by Galco, but that is a little steep. I saw the Triple K shoulder holster at Cabelas at that is the price range I am looking at (75-100).

Ok now to my next question. Cabelas does not have the holster for a Sig 229 specifically or I would be going with that. Since the holster is not "fitted" to a specific gun's features, what other gun that Cabelas offers would fit my Sig 229? They offer it in S&W Sigma, Glock 19 & 17, Beretta 92, Ruger P90 & 85, and many others...!!!

Sorry for the length!!!!
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Have you tried looking at the Triple K website... it shows they have models for your Sig229...

Triple K holsters

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Funny, I'm wearing a triple K shoulder right now, I'm still getting it adjusted. It takes FOREVER!
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