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SHTFgear ACE-1 Holster Question

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I am considering ordering a SHTFgear ACE-1 holster for my HK USPc .45 and was wondering how thick the backing is compared to the crossbreed leather backing. I'm not really a fan of really thick backing and if it is not much thicker then I think I'll give it a try. Also if the retention is too tight can I adjust it with a heat gun like a crossbreed?
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The leather backer on the SHTF holster is thick ( I have three) but it is very very comfortable, and is a great holster. Also, crossbreeds turn around time is 8 weeks +. The thick leather serves a good purpose, it keeps the gun from poking you when you move around, and it protects from the guns pokey parts ( Safety, Mag release etc) I was a little unsure at first as well and my SHTF holsters have become my favorite carry rigs. However it may not be for you.
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