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Received my new Sideguard Holsters Rough Out pocket holster last week, custom made for my Micro Desert Eagle. I don't see much on the forum about this particular holster, so I thought I would pass along a few thoughts.

The price was $22 plus $6 shipping. Based on the other holsters I have seen in this price range, this is an absolute STEAL. Delivery time was exactly seven weeks. The estimate I was given at the time of purchase was 6-8, so it was dead on and quite reasonable. Communication with Erik was prompt and helpful. Now for the holster itself...

This holster is made of a very stiff and sturdy grade of leather. The main body of the holster obviously has the rough side out, with the reinforcement at the top showing the smooth side. I am VERY impressed with the finish and quality of materials, as well as the attention to detail and stiching. The curved bottom part of the holster where it is stitched together is unbeleivably stiff, with NO give at all. This allows the holster to ride nicely upright in the pocket. The holster is form fitted to the pistol, which has a nice positive "pop" when drawn or reholstered.

Drawing can be accomplished in a few different ways. First, the rough leather is grippy enough in a decently tight jeans pocket that the holster will stay in on the draw. In a looser pocket, you have a few options. You can use your thumb to push off of the reinforcing leather at the top to release the pistol. You can also use the back of your middle finger to push off part of the holster just below the trigger guard. And, easiest of all, you can just get a good grip on the pistol, draw up and BACK out of the pocket and the holster will hook the edge of your pocket and release. I was fairly skeptical of this method at first, but have found it works every time now that I have practiced it.

Overall, I could not be more pleased with this rig. Great price, reasonable delivery time, fantastic quality, and works like it should. Don't hesitate to give Erik your business.
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