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So cool this is my first post here

Hello Members:

I have followed the P938 for about a year, reading every forum post, watching every Youtube video and surely it has been a very mixed bag, which I believe Sig has fixed in recent months - finally.

Seems that lower grain ammo combined with weak ejector and poor recoil spring all mixed in with limp wristing was to blame for some very dis-heartened owners, many who had little to no faith in models as recent as 5 months ago.

Iam one of those unlucky conservatives in the Liberal state of NJ and I am awaiting my FID and permits to purchase handguns as week speak - I'm three months in and sadly this may be the mid-way point. I have shot a lot, not here but both in North Carolina and Mississippi when having a gun for sport or personal protection doesn't make you fell like a criminal or nut-case to your neighbors.

Off topic a second, being born in NJ, you have this inately intergrated view, likely taught through the schools that "Only the police and the bad-guys have guns" and this sad vision of thought has most people scared of anyone that even mentions that they have home protection, even if calling 9-11 promotes ONE of TWO things - a follow-up report and ambulance call at a crime scene or a call to the coroner.

I'm of an age and state of health where I know welding a baseball ball to attempt protecting my wife and myself will only end up getting my brains smashed in and her (God forbid raped) and killed. I know it is time to equalize any threat. My wife, who has been reluctant in the past had a different opion after sitting in the dark for a week during hurricane Sandy.

SORRY for the intro, it is my first post and I hope to at least paint a picture of myself to a very active group. I am a DOD employee and for 24 years I have made the high pressure steam used to lauch Naval Jets from our 2 land-based aircraft carrier platforms at Navy Lakehurst. A demanding job with a great deal of responcibility, but incredibly rewarding to serve my country in a thrilling manor.

Back to the Sig, and I think the P938 could be the perfect small/mid sized carry gun, it sure caught my eye early on in recent studying as I prepare to purchase. I love the M11-A1 (P228 simi-comparitive) which is pretty heavy at 32 ounces, but a sharp looking and nicely tweaked gun as well. The PNH FNX-9 a funnly ambi gun (I am a lefty) is no Sig, but at 1/2 to 2/3rd the price, and fully ambi, this is a great looking 9mm for a newbee to at least test drive with these other guns.

The only fault (and it is a big one) is the FNX comes with THREE 17 round mags (NJ has a 15 round mag law) so I don't even believe I can get this gun as they package it. I know they have 10 round mags for people dealing with mag limitations as I have here, but I'm awaiting a reply to see if they would exchange mags as a same price package - you never know. Especially when I assume a 10 round mag would be cheaper than a 17 round mag.

Please let me know how you make out with the P938, it is still a gun I would love to get my hands on and have it be trouble free. I see no recent complaints, so I do think Sig finally gave up on having customers returning their P938 for tweaking and they finally tooled up what the gun needed to be ideal out of the box.

EVERYONE, I hope my first post has been as much fun to read as it has been to write. I hope to be active here as I gain experience. Mind you, NJ has no realist Carry Law, ex-police have a near impossible chance at conceal carry and there is no open carry. It is just par for the most populated state per capita with 7109 people per square mile and 20 out of 21 counties liberal - interesting, here in Ocean County is New Jersey's ONLY conservative strong-hold, primarily due to the huge percentage of retired seniors, which I'll qualify as myself in about 8 years.

I am familiar with forums and administration, having the second largest beekeeping forum on the Internet (my username is a good clue) but we are advertisement free, family friendly and maybe 6500 members in 120 countries isn't a big deal in forums, it sure is a fun place for our topic and joining other forums of interest in a wonderful way to share life lessons, and since much of beekeeping is in the Southern states, we have a huge gun owner population!

Best wishes and please enjoy that wonderful P938 - oh.... Curious, what is the born on date?

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